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What is FabLab WS?

    • Fab Lab Western Sicily is a no-profit organization created with the mission of bringing digital fabrication to all schools in Sicily. The Fab Lab was founded about 3 years ago and so far has reached hundreds of students with hands-on workshops as well as introductory courses to entrepreneurship. The FabLab offers a simple, direct and free alternative to bring students close to new technologies. It does so by offering open and free access to all students to technological tools such 3D printing and other digital manufacturing tools, therefore promoting the development of digital and entrepreneurial skills. The FabLab allow to make things that only few years ago required entire manufacturing facilities. All courses and activities we do are free of charge for students as we want to make digital fabrication accessible to all, and not only to few lucky students.


What the FabLab can bring to society

    • Projects likes FabLab WS can have an incredible impact in Sicily. The FabLab is a place where it is possible:
      • To develop creative solutions to everyday problems;
      • To stimulate entrepreneurship;
      • To bring together students from different schools and background through social projects; and
      • To give rise to a new sense of community based on the concepts of open source, collaboration and exchange of idea and resources.
    • The FabLab promotes the development of the skills of XXI century such as:
      • Analytical skills and problem solving;
      • Creativity and self-learning;
      • Digital skills (coding, technical design software, 3D printing – among others)
      • Adaptation and group work.
    • Therefore the FabLab is a great tool to prepare students to the work place in the XXI century. It is a place of encounters which can stimulate the local community both in terms of social capital and of entrepreneurial activities. The adoption and diffusion on fast prototyping can also help local firms to modernize their production processes and develop new products thanks to free ideas from the students.


Why donate?

    • All activities of the FabLab are funded by their founders and supporters, both private and public. All contributions are entirely used to buy new equipment, maximize the outreach of the activities and optimize the experience of the users of the Lab.
    • To make sure that the FabLab can remain operational and keep reaching new kids we need your help! We are looking for support from individuals and companies that want to invest in the growth of the territory through culture and training. To support the activities of the FabLab, you can donate through our crowdfunding campaign or directly to us at the following coordinates:
    • We are always happy to provide information on our past, present and future activities, so feel free to contact us at any time. We can do a lot with your support!


How to donate

    • Bank name: Credit Agricole
    • Account name: FABLAB@SUD
    • Bank details: IT93R0623001632000056829963